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Lottery syndicates are a tried and tested way of playing lotteries as they not only enhance your odds but are also a very cost effective way of playing. However, setting up a lottery syndicate can be tiresome as it means getting a group of friends/colleagues together who all agree to pay in a set amount of money each week for the purchase of lottery tickets. Therefore, a syndicate manager has to be nominated to handle the administration side of things.

Why not makes things nice and simple for yourself by joining a quality online lottery syndicate company who handle everything for you; LoveMyLotto, PlayLottery and WinTrillions are three such companies.

How to Play e-Lottery Online

  • step-one

    Select five numbers from one to 50 plus two Lucky Stars from one to 12.

  • step-two

    Choose whether to play on Tuesday, Friday or in both draws.

  • step-three

    Decide how many draws to play in advance, or set up a subscription.

Play e-Lottery Online

  • PlayLottery.com

    At PlayLottery.com members have the opportunity to purchase both lottery syndicate entries as well as single line tickets in a wide variety of lottery games from around the world.

    If you are interested in playing in a syndicate to enjoy that improved odds advantage, you currently have the following games available to you:

    UK Lotto – EuroMillions – Irish Lotto – SuperEnalotto – Spanish Superdraws – El Gordo – 6aus49 – EuroJackpot – Powerball – MegaMillions

    If you would prefer to purchase a single line entry into a lottery draw, you can do that also. PlayLottery.com currently has 4 games that you can purchase a single line entry in. These are 4 of the biggest jackpot lottery games in the world:

    MegaMillions – Powerball – EuroMillions – EuroJackpot

    Come and take a closer look at PlayLottery.com today.

  • LoveMyLotto

    Welcome to LoveMyLotto, the World’s only all inclusive multi-lottery syndicate system. The company launched in December 2010 and offers lottery players a unique, cost effective and top quality gaming experience.

    LoveMyLotto offers you 3 monthly syndicate subscription options – Bronze (£12), Silver (£22) and Gold (£36). Unlike joining a normal lottery syndicate where you play a specific lottery game, all the subscription options with LoveMyLotto include you in a variety of different games each week. Whichever of the syndicate plans you opt for, you will receive:

    Entries into £1 million Daily Draw
    Entries into Wednesday and Saturday UK Lotto draws
    Entries into Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions draws
    Entries into Millionaire Raffle
    Entries into UK Lotto Raffle

    In addition to these great benefits, there are also other very good reasons to sign up to a LoveMyLotto syndicate. One in every four National Lottery jackpots is won by a syndicate (source:Camelot). The LoveMyLotto syndicates have a maximum of 37 people in each which means that any cash that a syndicate wins only has to be shared out among the 37 syndicate members.

    Another great advantage is that once you are registered and have chosen your syndicate, absolutely everything is taken care of by LoveMyLotto. Upon joining you are slotted into the next available syndicate, results are automatically checked against your syndicate numbers and any winnings are posted to your member’s area for withdrawal. It really doesn’t get much easier than this!

    Join a LoveMyLotto syndicate today and experience this whole new and exciting way of playing multiple games via this top quality and professional lottery syndicate system.

  • WinTrillions

    WinTrillions offers a lottery messenger service that gives lottery players worldwide the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of the richest lottery syndicates and Millionaire Raffles. WinTrillions is able to offer this international service via its many global offices that purchase the tickets on your behalf.

    Whether you purchase a Millionaire Raffle or a syndicate place, WinTrillions’ agents purchase the tickets, scan them and then upload them to your WinTrillions account so that you are able to view them. If you win a cash prize, you will be notified right away and your winnings will be transferred to you.

    After you have paid your game entry fees there are no additional costs whatsoever. You pay only for your lottery syndicate subscription or Millionaire Raffle, which you are free to cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel in the middle of a subscription period, you will have any unused portion refunded.

    There is a large selection of lottery syndicates and Millionaire Raffles for you to choose from so you are certain to find a game that you will enjoy playing. Register a free account with WinTrillions today and check out the suite of incredible games on offer.

    Whether you decide to play in an eLottery syndicate with Big Fat Lottos, LoveMyLotto or WinTrillions, you should be safe in the knowledge that all three companies have been operating successfully for many years and have thousands of members all over the world.

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