UK Lotto Syndicate

The UK lotto has a record jackpot of £42 million and is one of the richest lump sum, tax free lotteries in the world. The UK National lotto is played every Wednesday and Saturday evening, with both draws being televised on the BBC in the UK.

UK Lotto Syndicate from Big Fat Lotteries

Upon joining a UK lotto syndicate you are placed into a 49 strong team where you  play the UK Lotto online with 44 lines in each Wednesday and Saturday draw.

A unique set of five numbers from 1-49 is allocated to each UK lotto syndicate. The sixth number is guaranteed in every single UK National lotto draw which means that your syndicate only needs to match 5 numbers to share the UK lotto jackpot.  What’s more, your syndicate only needs to match 2 numbers to win a cash prize.

Who Can Join a Big Fat Lotteries UK Lotto Syndicate?

You must be a resident of the UK or Isle of Man to play the UK National lotto the conventional way. However, pretty much anyone can join a Big Fat Lotteries syndicate from most countries around the world.

UK Lotto Syndicate – What’s The Cost?

As with the EuroMillions Syndicate, the cost of joining a UK lotto syndicate is just £5.00 GBP per week. You can pay a week at a time and play for as long as you like; you are not asked for any commitment and there is no contract to sign.


As with Big Fat Lotteries’ Euro Millions and El Gordo syndicates, the UK lotto syndicate is another fantastic offering.  At a cost of only £5.00 GBP a week, which gives you 88 chances of winning on a weekly basis, this is a very cost effective way of playing the UK lotto when you consider the ease, convenience and odds advantage you receive by playing this way. Along with the Euro Millions and El Gordo syndicates, the Big Fat Lotteries’ UK Lotto syndicate is definitely a product worth trying.

Join a UK lotto syndicate today.

UK Lotto Syndicate from LoveMyLotto

LoveMyLotto launched its UK lotto syndicate at the backend of December 2010 but this is no typical syndicate and you are about to find out why.  When you signup with LoveMyLotto you are not only gaining access to a UK lotto syndicate but the World’s only all inclusive multi-lottery syndicate system.  So once you choose your syndicate package you are not only entered into both UK lotto draws but also into a series of additional draws.

There are 3 monthly LoveMyLotto syndicate options at your disposal – Bronze (£10), Silver (£18) and Gold (£34).  Regardless of which package you decide upon, you will receive the following benefits:

•    Entries into Daily Draw
•    Entries into Wed UK Lottery
•    Entries into Fri EuroMillions
•    Entries into Millionaire Raffle
•    Entries into Sat UK Lottery
•    Entries in Premium Bond Draw

LoveMyLotto restricts all of its syndicates to just 21 players so if your syndicate does win a big jackpot, each member will still receive a substantial payout.  As you can probably now see, playing in a UK lotto syndicate with LoveMyLotto gives you a whole lot more than just entry into the twice weekly UK lottery draw.

Play in a UK lotto syndicate with LoveMyLotto and you will enjoy a unique and value packed lottery playing experience.

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