The Player’s Lottery Syndicates

The Player’s Lottery Syndicates Offer You The Best Lotto Odds Of Any Game Globally

Research shows that a large number of people play in lottery syndicates; whether it be a small collection of friends, an office lottery pool or possibly a sizable lottery purchasing syndicate.

The Players Lottery™ has within its software program an integrated group play system. Players can build syndicates or “Lottery Clubs” and easily upload the names together with email addresses of up to 100 individuals to form a Club within the system. The system will then send out an invitation to join up, to every single member of the Club.

The lotto club administrator is then able to manage the syndicate, sending communication within the system to prompt action by members, for instance paying for their segment of the syndicate’s ticket. If one of the group’s tickets hits the jackpot, each and every member who took part in that winning ticket will receive an equal portion of the winnings.

The Player’s Lottery Syndicates give individuals the most incredible odds of securing some substantial lotto cash; get on board today!

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