New York State Lottery

The New York state lottery was established by the new state constitution passed in 1966.  The New York lottery is amongst the biggest jackpot games out of all the USA state lotteries.  It is also one of the oldest lottery offerings in the USA; in fact, only the New Hampshire state lottery is older.  There is a network of approximately 15,000 high street retailers as well as 14,000 online facilities promoting the variety of New York lottery games.  These include three jackpot, five daily, and about a dozen scratch-off games.

Approximately 33% of the revenue generated by sales of all the New York state lottery games is spent on supporting state education in the New York area; this equates to the considerable sum of around $2 billion each year.  In addition, it also awards Leaders of Tomorrow scholarships to one qualifying graduate from all public and private schools in the state.  The one stipulation is that to qualify the student must have attended a New York university.

You can enter the New York state lottery from wherever you are in the world thanks to the introduction of lottery ticket sales agents such as TheLotter.  So come and choose your NY lottery numbers without delay and you will automatically be entered into the next draw for the enormous New York lottery.  As soon as the draw has taken place you can instantly check the winning numbers as they are posted online within minutes.  So now there is no waiting to see if your dream numbers have made you a fortune.

If the New York state lottery is not for you then feel free to check out the 50+ other global lotteries on offer with TheLotter; you will be sure to find something that takes your fancy.

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