EuroMillions Results Friday 11th May 2012

01-13-17-38-44 Lucky Star Numbers 02 and 11

Winning Millionaire Raffle Ticket Number: CMS978848

0 Jackpot Winner(s)
Main No’s Lucky Stars Prize
5 2 £0.00
5 1 £177,782.60 per winner
5 0 £46,091.70 per winner
4 2 £4,148.20 per winner
4 1 £177.20 per winner
4 0 £73.70 per winner
3 2 £59.80 per winner
3 1 £11.60 per winner
3 0 £8.20 per winner
2 2 £18.70 per winner
2 1 £6.20 per winner
1 2 £10.20 per winner

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