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The EUROJACKPOT will grow stronger in 2013!

The multi-nation lottery game, Euro Jackpot, is set to grow stronger in 2013 as 6 more countries will be joining the draw on February 1st. EuroJackpot was launched in 2012 and currently has 8 participating countries. These are: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain. The 6 new countries joining the draw in February are Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Norway. The following article comments further about the strengthening of the Euro Jackpot game.

The EuroJackpot is one of the newest lotteries around and, considering the competition that it faced from the long established EuroMillions Lottery, it has had a decent first year. The EuroJackpot’s first year is certainly a success story in comparison to the start of the Health Lottery’s playing days. Due to the success of the EuroJackpot, tickets will be sold in a further six European countries, raising the number of EuroJackpot selling countries to 14.

The new countries that have agreed to sell EuroJackpot Lottery tickets are; Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Norway, who will join Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia, where the tickets are currently already being sold. Don’t forget that you can also buy EuroJackpot tickets online from anywhere in the world from leading online lottery concierge service The Lotter. The new countries will join the EuroJackpot on 1st February and we’re certain that ticket sales will be on the up from that point.

What will the addition of these six new countries mean for the EuroJackpot Lottery? Without question, the extra players will lead to more ticket sales and bigger prizes but will that also mean bigger EuroJackpot Lottery jackpots? Because more tickets are sold, the jackpots will grow faster but the extra ticket sales will lead to more lines of lottery numbers being bought and more chances of the jackpot being won. Therefore, the jackpot will rise faster but it will also be won more often with less rollovers.

If you are keen on playing the Euro Jackpot lottery but are not resident in one of the participating countries, you need not worry. You can purchase your desired number of tickets via The Lotter regardless of where you live globally.

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OZ Lotto – The Australian Lotto

An Introduction To The OZ Lotto

OZ Lotto is one of the most popular lotto games in Australia. Anybody in any country across the world and on the internet can participate in this game and win big money. It mainly involves purchasing a ticket to participate in a draw. The ticket has various numbers which, if well chosen, can win the ticket holder substantial amounts of money after the OZ Lotto Results are announced.

How To Play OZ Lotto

When a person decides to play this game, they should understand how to actually play the game. The OZ Lotto numbers are normally drawn automatically from a machine. This machine contains about 45 balls, each ball with a number ranging from 1 to 45. When a player chooses to play the standard game, they get to choose a total of seven numbers. A player may choose a total of up to 9 numbers though the first 7 numbers are the winning numbers. The other two numbers are supplementary numbers. They are sometimes used to make a determination of prizes in Divisions 7 and 2.

Standard OZ Lotto Game

A standard OZ Lotto game simply means every line of numbers that a player can select for their Lotto game. One standard OZ Lotto game played provides the gamer or player a chance to win a prize. Players can purchase as many tickets as they wish and play as many games as they want. The choice of OZ Lotto numbers will be a choice solely made by a player.

Syndicate OZ Lotto Game

This is basically a group game. It is useful for people, such as families or workmates that wish to participate together in the lotto and increase their chances of winning. The members of the group can have a wider choice of numbers and get to share the costs. They also share any winnings after the OZ Lotto Results are announced.


A System basically allows a player to get to play with more numbers that they would normally play when playing a standard OZ Lotto game. This type of play actually provides players with a much higher chance of winning as each entry covers every combination of the numbers played.

Prizes To Win

There are several ways that a player can win a prize. Basically, all prizes are cash prizes. A division one win implies all seven numbers are winning numbers. Divisions two and three include 6 OZ Lotto winning numbers with division 2 having a winning supplementary number. Divisions 4 and 5 wins imply there are 5 winning numbers with one supplementary number also winning in division 4. Division seven win includes any 3 numbers winning and either supplementary number.

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