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BFL Lottery

The BFL lottery or Big Fat Lottos as it is more commonly known is a leading lottery syndicate business. With the BFL lottery you can partake in some of the biggest lottery games in the world as part of a syndicate and enjoy the odds advantages that syndicate play offers. You can choose to play the UK lotto, EuroMillions, Superenalotto or the Spanish Superdraws.

You can also choose to play in a new Jackpot Power Play syndicate that groups together the EuroMillions, SuperEnalotto, UK Lotto and the Millionaire Raffle in one great value syndicate.

Join the BFL lottery today and start benefitting from great value syndicate play.

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Jackpot Power Play

Play in a Jackpot Power Play syndicate with Big Fat Lottos and enjoy a combination of top global lottery games. You will play in the EuroMillions, UK lotto, SuperEnalotto and Millionaire Raffle! 270 entries – 9 draws – just £5.00 per week.

You will play in a 135 member Jackpot Power Play syndicate and will share any winnings with your fellow syndicate members.

Join a Jackpot Power Play syndicate today!

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