Best Winning Lottery Numbers

Obviously, the best winning lottery numbers are the ones that give you that jackpot win; I guess that really goes without saying though. Many people research numbers that have been drawn most often in previous draws as they believe that these same numbers are more likely to come up in future draws. Unfortunately, this is a total myth. Lotteries by their very nature are a totally random affair and because of this there is absolutely no way of predicting the numbers that will be drawn in the future.

My idea for playing the lottery is simple; play the lottery game that offers the best possible odds – simple! All of the world’s big national lottery games offer terrible odds. These range from around 1 in 5,000,000 right up to 1 in 622,000,000 chance of you winning the jackpot. Anyone with a brain will be able to see that these odds are quite ridiculous.

There is one lottery game that gives you odds that are massively superior to every other game the world has to offer. The Player’s Lottery not only gives you better odds than the other lotteries; no, The Player’s Lottery gives you the best lotto odds on the planet! Where else will you find odds of 1 in 300,000 of winning a €10,000,000 jackpot every draw? As there is only a set number of tickets made available for each draw, this means that there will be a guaranteed jackpot winner every single draw. These odds definitely bring you closer to those best winning lottery numbers!

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