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If you thought that winning a lottery requires divine intervention then you are not entirely wrong. However, winning the Austria lotto does not need you to be one in ten million. Of course you have to be seriously lucky to win the jackpot but there are so many other prizes to be won in this lotto game in Austria that you can land up with one of the secondary prizes.

There are several lottery games in Austria but the most interesting and favorite one is the Austria lotto. As with any lotto games, this is also one that involves 45 numbers and every player needs to select 6 numbers on a ticket to enter. The jackpot for the Austrian lotto is 5 million Euros.

Advantages Of The Austria Lottery

What makes the Austrian lotto different from other lottery games in Austria or the lotto games in other countries? Firstly, the Austrian lotto is conducted by Austrian Lotteries Company formerly known as Austria Lottery Toto Company, has two drawings every week for the same ticket. The two sets of winning results are usually drawn on Wednesdays and Sundays, both days at 6.30 p.m. CET. This increases the chance of winning for any player. You can select any 6 numbers when purchasing a ticket and can enter into the lottery game in Austria for two draws.

Austrian Lotto has five different divisions of winners. The first level is for the jackpot and winning that one would need you to match all the first 6 numbers that are drawn. This is difficult and only one who is super lucky would end up becoming a millionaire. However, there are four other ways you can win a prize and they are much easier. The second level requires you to match only 5 numbers out of the first set of 6 and any 1 of the 2 additional numbers drawn. The third level is even easier to win as you are required to match only 5 of the main numbers and nothing else and the fourth level calls for a match of only 4 of the main numbers. The fifth level needs you to match only 3 of the main numbers and the additional numbers.

The third advantage of the Austria lotto game is that you do not have to be a citizen of Austria to participate in the lotto. There are a few online avenues through which you can buy a ticket, check out the results and have your winnings paid into your bank account. You can play from any country as long as you are above the age of 18.


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